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How to Deal with Business Distress
In this white paper, we distill what we have learned about successfully navigating difficult business conditions. We summarize strategies we have applied in turnarounds and cooperative restructurings of capital. We also provide guidance for the bankruptcy process in the event a friendly restructuring becomes impossible. As business owners and CEOs ourselves, we at Galena Capital […]
How to Sell Your Business
In this white paper, we give an overview of what we have learned from experience about how to plan, prepare for, and efficiently execute a successful sale. If done well, every step of the process will increase demand, maximize value, and achieve a seller’s objectives. We at Galena Capital have sold our own companies and […]
Catching up with Melt, as it spreads to new markets
Original story authored by Sharon Fisher on Idaho Business Review on November 26, 2019. The wall o’butter in the Melt team room. Photo by Sharon Fisher A booming Idaho plant-based food company is looking to expand, not just in products but in markets. Melt saw $1 million in sales for the first time in the third […]
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